Important Things You Should Know About Paragliding

Yosemite National Park, California, USA --- Hang Gliding Over Yosemite Valley --- Image by © Bill Ross/CORBIS

Paragliding is not Hang-Gliding

Hang-Gliding is also an air sport in which a non-motorized foot-launch aerospace craft called a hang glider. It is made of an aluminium alloy or composite frame covered with synthetic sailcloth to form a wing.


Paragliding is not Parasailing

Parasailing is also different from paragliding because the glideris wearing an open parachute while being towed by a motorboat. They do not go beyond a few hundred feet high. It is designed to catch thermal updrafts an rise through the air, not just fall slowly to the sea.  


Paragliding is not Dangerous 

We usually think that paragliding is dangerous but no it is not. It is one of the safest air sports there is. You are being connected by at least 30 lines from the wing which is very strong enough to support your weight. But before you go for paragliding you should attend all the training you can get.

Paragliding was named by NASA

In the year 1961 a French engineer Pierre Lemoigne is the first to modify the designed of a parachute by cutting it to smaller size. NASA help the developing of the design what is now known as a “sail wing” for the use of recovering the lunnar capsules, into the paraglider.


Paragliding is the most amazing experience I every tried 

I tried a lot of sports and recreation but by far this is the most amazing and rewarding experience ever. At first before I tried it  I was hesitant to do it but after my first try I wanted to do it over and over again. The view was so spectacular, breathtaking and I was so speechless.

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Paragliding 101: What You Need to Know


Before going for a Paraglide it is very important to know about the history, the things we need to know and the things we should have before gliding our way.

Now a days Paragliding is one of the most popular sport in the world. Almost every is putting it in their bucket list. You can never exchange the breathtaking view from up high with the combination of the free flying rush from 15,000 feet above the ground.


Paragliding was originated for the parachute of the military soldiers. The parachutes where being modified so that they can towed by a vehicle and steered into the air.

Paragliding involves parachutes, lines and harnesses. You should learn how to use thermal air currents and often launch themselves by jumping in the mountains to catch the rising air currents. Paragliders should learn how to manipulate the lines, brakes and shift their weight in order to maneuver successfully through the air.

Right now there are no certification requirement for the paraglider before they jump. That is why before hitting the airplanes or mountains you should study first all the basics and a lot of preparation and training with the professionals.


The most suitable place for paragliding is the mountainous regions because of the elevation changes have on the wind current. To ascend to high altitudes the ridge lifting is a common way for paragliders , enabling longer and more enjoyable flights.

Ridge lifting occurs when winds are forced upward along the slope of a mountain or large hill or high cliff and paragliders can use the rising currents to lift them higher into the air.

It is also important to know that the place your going to jump is safe for the first timers like you.


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What is Paragliding


Paragliding is the recreational or competitive sport of flying. It is a lightweight, free-flying, foot launched glider aircraft or free falling from a high cliff or buildings. The paragliders sits in a harness suspended below a fabric wing comprising a large number of interconnected baffled cells. The wing shape is maintained by the suspension lines. The pressure of air entering vents in the front of the wing, and the aerodynamic forces of the air flowing over the outside.

Paragliders do not use any engine. Some skillful and master of paragliding can fly for as many hours and can go for hundreds of kilometers. They can also gain height often climbing to altitudes of a few thousand meters.

Here is a little history or Paragliding. In the year 1952, Domina Jalbert advanced governable gliding parachutes with multi-cell and controls for lateral glide.


In the year 1952, Walter Neumark said in an article in Flight magazine that the glider can launch himself by running over the edge of a cliff or down a slope. But now a days people can jump through a high raise building.

In the year 1961,  Pierre Lemoigne made a new design for the parachutes that led to Para-Commander. The PC had cutouts at the rear and sides that enable it to be towed into the air and steered – leading to parasailing or parascending.

In the year 1963, Domina Jalbert created the Parafoil, which had sectioned cells in an aerofoil shape, an open leading edge and a closed trailing edge, inflated by passage through the air – the ram-air design.


In the same year, David Barish developed a “Sail Wing” it is a single surface ing for recovery of NASA space capsules. It is a slope soaring was of testing out the Sail Wing. After testing it in Hunter Mountain, New York in September 1965 he then promote slope soaring as a summer activity for ski resorts.

In the year 1973, Author Walter Neumark wrote “Operating Procedures for Ascending Parachutes”. A group of passionate enthusiasts and Neumark tow launched a PCs and ram-air parachutes eventually broke away from the British Parachute Association to form he British Association of Parascending Clubs (BAPC). Then authors Patrick Gilligan and Bertrand Dubuis wrote the first flight manual, The Paragliding Manual in 1985 officially coining the word paragliding.

In June 1978, all the development of paragliding were combined by three friends, Jean-Claude Bétemps, André Bohn and Gérard Bosson, from Mieussy, Haute-Savoie, France. After that an article on slope soaring in the Parachute Manual magazine by a parachutist and publisher Dan Poynter, they calculated that on a suitable slope, a square ram-air parachute could be inflated by running down the slope. Bétemps launched from Pointe du Pertuiset, Mieussy, and flew 100 m. Bohn followed him and glided down to the football pitch in the valley 1000 metres below. Then the word Parapente was born from the French word pente for slope.




In the year 1980, the parachute was constantly evolving and the number of paragliders continue to increase everyday. They continue to look for new sites go jump. The first unofficial Paragliding World Championship was held in Verbier, Switzrland in the year 1987. But the official sanctioned FAI World Championship was held in Kössen, Austria in the year 1989.

The Europians are the greatest growth of active paragliders over 25,000 registered in France alone.

Foot-launched powered hang glider association exist worldwide, with the US Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association and the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) are the largest organization in paragliding world.

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GameBoy Advance E-Reader Levels for Super Mario

Hardcore Super Mario Manufacturer gamers have actually recreated a set of Nintendo-made Mario degrees recently believed shed to time and outdated innovation, bringing Super Mario Advance 3’s e-Reader globe to life for the first time in a decade.

These degrees are currently readily available for download and play making use of Nintendo’s Wii U game-design toolkit Super Mario Manufacturer, though their designers had to make creative concessions to make up differences in layout.

Released in 2003 for the Game Boy Development, Super Mario Advance 4 featured a host of bonus content and also all-new degrees in addition to a full remake of Nintendo’s 8-bit platformer Super Mario Bros. 3. The game includes assistance for the e-Reader outer, a temporary gadget that checks Nintendo-produced investing cards as well as unlocks usable levels as well as other in-game material.

Offered the deficiency of the trading cards and also the e-Reader itself, few gamers had the opportunity to play the loads of unique Nintendo-made Mario levels concealed within Super Mario Advance 4. While Japan saw Super Mario Advance 4’s complete compilation of 38 degree cards released at retail, just 12 were released in The united state and canada before Nintendo stopped manufacturing of its e-Reader card loads, considerably limiting the amount of material players could unlock within the game.

Greater than a years later, most these shed levels are currently available for play in Super Mario Manufacturer. Developers Baddboy78 as well as theycallmeshaky note that “5 levels are missing, however only as a result of the display dimension or as a result of style devices not yet obtain [able] in Mario Maker.”.

These created stages are greatly faithful to the e-Reader originals, though some style components as well as enemy kinds were switched out to make up constraints within Super Mario Manufacturer’s level-building capability. Opponents like the flying Hammer Brothers had to be switched out with Super Mario Maker matchings, and also in-game components like pluckable vegetables (ala Super Mario Bros. 2) are missing at work.

If you feel the need to play this games in your iphone or android, then simply use a GBA emulator that you can download for free. They also have the same emulator that you can use for pc and other consoles so be sure to check it out.

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Did You Know Your Cut Hair Can Earn You Money?

RECYCLING does more than conserve the atmosphere. It could aid you save money as well, by giving you money for stuff you no more requirement.

From phones to garments or even hair, the possibilities to recycle– usually for cash– have actually exploded thanks to the internet.

Carmel Dollisson, the Chief Executive Officer of e-waste recycling platform TechCollect, claims lots of people will certainly store old products in storage sheds or a cabinet as well as forget them.

Often it’s not about the money: some programs merely offer complimentary disposal for items such as tvs and computers.


“These goods, even when they’re dead and 20 years old, include useful sources,” says Dollisson. “In lots of circumstances it’s up to 17 times much more efficient to recycle the resources as opposed to mine brand-new sources.”.

Here’s a fast overview of some points that could be reused, and also what could provide you a helpful money incentive.


hairA number of us invest a fortune having unwanted hair eliminated, yet some people are prepared to give you cash for it.

Hair extension business and also wigmakers are amongst those that might pay, and also there are web sites that allow individuals to deal hair. says you’ll require “virgin” hair– that is, not bleached or dyed– as well as it should go to least 25cm long.





South Australians have actually been making money for their empty drink canisters, containers as well as containers– currently 10c each product returned– for almost 40 years. Container reusing plans are spreading out, despite strong hostility from drinks business.

The Northern Territory began offering 10c for drinks containers in 2012, the NSW Government prepares to start a plan by July 2017 as well as the Queensland Federal government is likewise considering it. View this area.


Lots of people upgrade their phones with each brand-new agreement, usually every 2 years, meanings there are a great deal of old phones sitting in cupboards. You could be startled just what you obtain for them.

As an example, acquires working and also flawed phones at costs ranging from $1 for original apples iphone approximately greater than $800 for top-of-the-range newest designs. You can additionally obtain hundreds of dollars back for old iPads.

“Recycled cellphones are marketed and re-used in creating nations,” it says.


Some abroad businesses will supply money to individuals wanting to get rid of unwanted clothing, and also the fad is gradually spreading to Australia. Nonetheless, don’t expect a big windfall as they’re providing regarding 50c per kg of tidy, folded clothes.

Naturally, you could constantly sell clothing as well as other things on preferred internet sites such as and


You could try selling computer systems, ink-jet printers and Televisions on prominent second-hand products web sites if you’re searching for money, or use organizations within the National Tv as well as Computer system Recycling Scheme if you just want to do away with things as well as help the setting.

Significant technology brand names such as Dell as well as HP have takeaway programs, while organisations such as TechCollect will take it from you cost-free. Dollisson states TechCollect expects to reuse 50,000 tonnes of e-waste this year.


The checklist of structure products that can be recycled for money is substantial, and also includes steel, timber, bricks, glass, plasterboard, carpetings, doors, power points and also bathroom products.

Sites such as Gumtree and contain building materials areas, while specialized web site is devoted solely to building fabrics as well as has a “free things” section where individuals give away goods.

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ALDUB World Phenomena

Many are puzzle what ALDUB is. What does it mean? is it a new movie? a new game like simcity? Is it a show? and why is it making so much buzz in the internet and social media like twitter and Instagram?

You can easily find it in youtube but there is a big language barrier in understanding the show. Why? Because it is done in a mixture of english and Filipino language. And the show is so unconventional because it is done anywhere and without any special effects. On the streets of the Philippines and that is why it is called “Kalyeserye” (kayle for Street and Serye for show).

But what became a hit is when the REAL reaction of Yaya Dub starred by Maine Mendoza when she first saw ALden played by Richard Faulkerson. And the rest was history.


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Simulation Game SimCity is the New Tech To Build Cities

A new American city is set to materialize in the New Mexico desert, and in the beginning look, nothing really appears to be awry. Tentatively called CITE, the city gauges roughly 15 square miles in dimension and also can sustain a population of around 35,000. Cluttered throughout the city will certainly be single-family homes, multi-story workplace buildings in a workplace district, agricultural land, property streets or even a motorway along its borders.

However, no one will certainly reside in this city– it is just being utilized a test bed for future modern technology developments that run the gamut from self-governing car screening to house automation to alternative energy resources to alternate approaches for building disaster-resistant homes to future generation waste therapy centers. And also without “citizens” to trouble, firms will certainly be totally free to freak out with their experiments. The $1 billion endeavor is the brainchild of Pegasus Global Holdings, which explains itself as an “global innovation development company” with the “ability to source worldwide ‘market-ready’ IP from public and also exclusive trendsetters, enablers, and also incubators.”.

CITE will likely be a benefit to automakers that are rapidly advancing self-driving modern technology to offer the masses within the following decade. While Google doesn’t have a trouble examining its autonomous automobiles in plain sight on public roadways, some firms (a la Apple) prefer to test their automobiles in more controlled places. Apple is supposedly wanting to examine its upcoming electric vehicle at GoMentum Terminal– an abandoned marine base in San Francisco– but CITE would certainly supply yet another option that would more carefully mirror the city and also suburban settings that automobiles encounter daily.

“The vision is an environment where brand-new products, platforms and also modern technologies could be demonstrated as well as tested without disrupting day-to-day life,” claimed Pegasus Taking care of Director Robert Brumley. “You can bring new points to have them anxious, destroy them, and also find out the legislations of unintended effects. This must become like a magnet where individuals with ideas as well as innovations come, as well as not simply examination but interact.”.

The objective with CITE is to offer government agencies, educational institutions, as well as private sector firms the capability to test out that last 1/10 of a product before it gets to manufacturing. It’s all great as well as dandy to have a product that works in a regulated environment, yet it’s not until it gets to the hands of consumers that some firms discover that they could have overlooked a style imperfection (“Don’t hold it this way”) or really did not make up specific variables. MENTION will enable business to link that void between the laboratory as well as the consumer.

Simcity simulation games has really played a big part in this development. If you wanna try this game, you can check out the latest release for the android and iOS users – Simcity Buildit.  The game is free to play and you can quickly install and play it in a matter of minutes. You can also check some trainers for simcity buildit cheats so you can speed up the building process and get the whole look of the game. Although it is best done normally, it could easily take your time.  So if its the simulation and beauty of developing your own City, I strongly suggest you try the trainers.

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Instagram – What’s Your Treat for Halloween?

November 1, 2015, Its HALLOWEEN!!! –  A big social media hodgepodge, and few places are better to example the thrills than Instagram. Pet dog parades. Kids in Elsa costumes. Adults in Elsa outfits. It’s AWESOME. Makings it the excellent vacation for Instagram to turn out its brand-new video clip stations.

That corrects, Instagram is launching a video clip channel– a greatly curated, 24-hour deep dive into the very best videos Instagrammers blog post. Beginning at 1pm on Sunday, Americans can pull up the app, click on the check out tab, and land in an immersive video customer that will enable them to watch programming from throughout the nation. It resembles a pop-up cable network committed to Halloween.

As well as like a wire network, Instagram will certainly have humans picking the programming. Consider them modern executive recruiter. From Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters, neighborhood supervisor Amanda Kelso, dressed as Princess Leia, and greater than a half dozen costumed participants of her group will certainly be sifting via afters to choose and also stream material while item supervisor Layla Amjadi makes sure the innovation functions without a glitch. They aim to capture every aspect of the vacation, from videos of the crowds gathered on Sixth Opportunity for New york city’s yearly parade to videos generated by famous artists to those taken in Anoka, Minnesota (Halloween Capital of the Usa, seriously). The result will be 2 parts amusement, one component straight-up information: this is exactly what’s occurring around the world now.

As I wrote in 2014, Instragram is coming to be a powerful news service matching the Web’s initial newswire, Twitter. Images are changing words for rapid interaction. And also Instagram is simpler to make use of compared to Twitter. So it’s no surprise that Instagram currently has 400 million month-to-month energetic customers, while Twitter has actually stalled out at 320 million. Even so, Twitter has actually still been better positioned to surface crucial events since it has had a more durable internet search engine as well as better tools for discovery. By the way, would you like to know how to get free Instagram followers fast? I have some neat tricks to do this. Earlier this year, that began to change as Instagram revamped its Explore page to create it much easier for individuals to find brand-new and also trending info. The immersive video player is the latest tool to aid individuals discover more real-time info.

But Instagram isn’t really Twitter’s only competitor on this front; Snapchat reports more than 100 million daily energetic users. The saucy selfie-sharing platform has a number of preferred video clip items: On its Discover system, video networks offer programs created by significant media business and also advertisers. It additionally has Snapchat Live, which relays a string of user-created videos near you along with protection of huge conferences like the recent Republican arguments. And also Snapchat tales showcase a series of pictures and video clips posted by your pals. Snapchat’s images are meant to be consumed and destroyed– they essentially vanish– whereas Instagram blog posts are developed to document and also provide an archive. If Snapchat is social networks’s CNN, after that Instagram is IFC, the home of independent movies and also documentaries.

The new immersive video clip customer will likewise bring a lot more conventional focus on video clip on a platform still primarily understood for its still images. Instagram introduced its video clip product, which lets users skyrocket to 15 secs of video footage and also include filters, more than 2 years earlier in June 2013. At the time, it was perceived to be a flop because individuals really did not right away take to it with the interest they had actually revealed for the core photo item. However Instagram’s founders have consistently stated it was expanding at a constant pace.Many of the most creative videos are assembled by visual musicians as well as cinematographers. The immersive video clip audience could trigger the imagination of customers less knowledgeable about releasing videos on the platform.

Kelso as well as her team will certainly continue to publish cool video afters until midday Sunday. Individuals could send blog posts for factor to consider by marking them #IGHalloween. And as they’re viewing the video clip stations, they can easily swipe via to skip boring ones, faucet to like great ones, as well as click the customer posts to discover even more content. When the task wraps up, the video feed will be offered for customers to uncover forever.

On the other hand, Instagram will certainly search for even more global events– music festivals, for example, or winter season holidays in addition to information events on the same level with the current Nepal quake– to set on its pop-up video clip channel. For now, the solution has no strategies to open the network to advertisers, however you could bet that users fall in love with it, the marketers will, also.

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Book Sale at Winchester Library

Friends of the Winchester Library will have their semi-annual books sale Nov. 5-7 in the Carnegie Meeting Room of the Winchester Area Library, 125 N. East St.

The members-only sale will be 2-6 p.m. Nov. 5. Memberships can be acquired at the doorway for $5.

The public publication sale will certainly be 9:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Nov. 6 as well as 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Nov. 7. A “bag sale” will certainly be held the last hr Nov. 7, 2:30 -3:30; grocery store bags will be offered to patrons at 2:30 p.m. to fill up for $3 each.

Over 10,000 products offer for sale, consisting of a specifically big compilation of kids’s fabrics. Rates will certainly be: hardback fiction and also nonfiction, $1; large books, 50 cents; normal paperbacks, 25 cents; vintage publications, $2; gift-quality publications, $2; kids’s publications, 25 cents as well as 50 cents; VHS tapes, 25 cents; DVDs, $1; CDs, 50 cents; documents, 50 cents; software application and computer games, $1.50; as well as audio books and also CD, 25 cents and also 50 cents.

Friends book bags will be readily available for $10. Customers could obtain $1 off a $5 acquisition by getting a new Friends book bag or by generating a coupon from the library flow division or from the participants’ e-newsletter (vouchers declined during bag sale).

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Raise Money with Blue Sky Guide

Blue Sky Guide, the coupon book for healthy living, is the smart choice for fundraising. With a focus on health, community, environment and saving money Blue Sky Guide is a feel-good fundraiser. In the past couple years, more than 200 area schools and community organizations have used Blue Sky Guide to raise much needed funding.

With one of the highest returns available – up to 50% – and no up-front costs, Blue Sky Guide fundraising is fun and easy. Start making money today with Blue Sky Guide!

Here’s what our fundraisers are saying:

  • ” Buyers appreciate their contribution to local businesses. The books really do sell themselves – it’s a great fundraiser! ”
    Jennifer Fullilove, High School Teacher
  • ” This fundraiser combines one of the very best returns with the best protection from risk. ”
    Annette Olson, Parent Coordinator
  • ” By signing up early, we made an additional $100, got families excited early and raised more money. “
  • Laura Orlando, Elementary School Parent Coordinator

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